Because I’m a Load of No Fun…

So, yesterday, I’d posted about Mathias and Etha’s relationship, the Divine Battle, and a tiny bit about how Abaeloth’s magical properties revolve around divine energy. When I went back to read what I’d written so I could gear up and give my thorough post about how Abaeloth’s demons came to be, I realized I was dropping spoilers left and right. If I continued to stay the course, it would get even worse.

I have no idea how many readers I have at this point, so I have no way of knowing how many eyes read what went up yesterday but, in an effort to not spoil future works for anyone out there, I chose to take down yesterday’s post (booo!!) and refrain from posting the one I’d planned for today (hissssss!!)

Besides that, I think we’d all be a little more comfortable if I’d get on with the real purpose of this blog and discuss writing and reading as it pertains to all of us. Next week, I’ll be jumping in to my absolute favorite part of writing – character creation!

In the mean time, everyone should really go check out Amy Hopkins’s Dream Stalker! (click her name to get to her website, click the title to go buy it!) Dream Stalker’s a super charming urban fantasy following a plucky tea shop owner, her boggart assistant, and two entertaining brothers as they hunt down what’s been killing people through their dreams. Give it a read, give it some love, and as always, keep faith in the journey!



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