Full Bio

Katika discovered her love of creative writing in fourth grade, thanks to a daily writing workshop class, and has embraced writing as an art ever since. She was first introduced to the Fantasy genre thanks to bedtime stories along the lines of The Hobbit and The Last Unicorn, and further embraced the idea of world creation through the DragonLance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. After several awkward years learning the ups and downs of style development via fan fiction, Katika set out on stories of her own, successfully entering and winning yearly writing competitions. Unable to envision life without wordsmithing, she enrolled in two creative writing courses in college where she was told by her instructor that Fantasy “wasn’t creative fiction.” That set her on the path to seek less conventional writing wisdom and shaped her in her indie ideals.

The Afflicted Saga, Katika’s epic collection of tales, began to take shape in her college years. A drive for perfection matched with self-confidence issues led to slow progress in recording the lives of her characters. She participated in her first NaNoWriMo in 2007 where she learned that perfection’s more of a fancy dream than an attainable reality (though she still searches for it) and through the encouragement of that community, she’s gained the nerve to pursue publication for the love of her novels.

Today, Katika lives on a small horse farm in rural Missouri with her tolerant and supportive husband and their abundance of special needs animals. She forewent veterinary school due to unplanned life events, and now spends her non-writing time walking her dogs, riding her horses, and unsuccessfully battling an anime addiction. It is among her most sincere hopes that you can fall in love with Abaeloth and its children as deeply as she has.