After a longer-than-I’m-proud-of hiatus, I’m pleased to announce that Big Things are getting ready to happen on the book front! Deception’s ebook is up for pre-order on Amazon  with the paperback following close at its heels. I’ve entered Devotion in a couple of competitions, and am joining the AweThors as a vendor at Awesomecon 2017 (June 16-18).

Between the releases of my two current titles, I was dealing with being stuck halfway through a cross-country move (yes, for over a year), which is why progress had been so slow and I missed (multiple) deadlines for Deception’s release. The good news is, that move is now behind me, Book 3 of Tale of the Fallen, Defilement, is about a third of the way through its second draft, and I’m back on track for resuming normal Authorly functions. I want to thank all of my readers for their patience while I waded through this transition period in life, and hope everyone enjoys Deception once they get their hands on it!

First of all, I’d like to say the biggest thank you ever to all of you who have purchased Devotion so far. You truly have proven to me that it was worth the years of honing my craft, the frustrations of getting everything as close to “perfect” as I possibly could, and that dreams really can come true.

After taking a once-every-three-years mini vacation to celebrate the release of Devotion (YAY!), I’m now dusting off my notebooks to finish revising Deception. I’ve got somewhere between 5 to 7 chapters left to write (depending on how compliant a couple characters want to be for me), and then I’ll be going through to do an edit of what I’ve got so far. My goal is to have her in the hands of my beta readers by May 1st.