About Abaeloth

The world of Abaeloth was accidentally discovered in a stuffy college dorm room in 2003 after Katika was asked to simply create an RP character. After a semester of tedious world building, god slaying, and redistribution of divine power, enough lore existed to support a lively cast of characters that hope to lead you through The Afflicted Saga.

Katika’s inability to keep from picking nits in her novels and yearly participation in NaNoWriMo have resulted in a robust backlog of completed drafts. She self published Devotion (book one of the Tale of the Fallen) on April 1st, 2016 and Deception (book two of the same series) will go live on June 16th, 2017. The current plan is to release subsequent volumes biannually.

On behalf of Katika, Etha, and the rest of the cast, thank you so very much for venturing into the world of Abaeloth to see what she has to offer! We hope you enjoy your adventures.