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Hey guys! Welcome to my blog.

Some of you found your way here because you know me, others are meeting me for the first time. With that said, I figured I should start my blog explaining a bit about myself, since I’m sure more than a few of you are asking things like: Who the heck are you? Why do you consider yourself an authority on writing? How in the world does the internet need another writing blog?

To start out: Who am I? I’m Katika Schneider, author of The (up-and-coming) Afflicted Saga. I’ve got a couple short story competition wins from high school under my belt but really, I’m just an average girl who loves her characters madly and wants to share them with the world. I believe that everyone has a story in them, a story that deserves to be told, and a story that they alone are able to tell.

What makes me an authority on writing? Well really, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to consider myself such, but I’m equally unsure if anyone can. Writing, like any other art form, is a journey and half the beauty there is the endless supply of new avenues to explore and play with. What I am is a devoted and diligent writer, and have been for more than two thirds of my life. I used to write as a form of therapy and relaxation, but now I primarily write for my characters, aiming to faithfully transcribe their adventures. I write as an art and have put years of time, effort, and classwork into its development.

How does the internet need another writing blog? I believe every artist has something unique to offer the world and their peers. I don’t know it all. I do, however, have a whole heap of experience as far as picking my way around developing personal style and few things intrigue me more than talking to other writers about their methods. I hope to present myself to you, not as a definitive authority, but in a way which encourages you to explore avenues that work for me that you have not yet explored. I hope for you to share with me your experiences and insights, as well, so we can learn from each other. Shouldn’t that be what art is about?

No matter if you’re here as a fellow writer or a treasured reader, I hope that you find your visit to my slice of internet pleasant and that you always keep faith in the journey.



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