What this Blog’s about

Now that I’ve explained a bit about myself, I’d like to give you a breakdown of what to expect from my blog and my social media pages. Links to these other locations can be found below, in the sidebar to your right, as well as on my Contact page.

The primary purpose of the blog here on my official site is to inspire, encourage, and educate both readers and writers on the art of story crafting. While most posts will be presented in a manner that seems directed solely to writers, there is a lot that readers can learn from them, as well. I feel all readers can benefit from learning more about the writing world, and discovering the reasons and methods behind composing stories will only help deepen the value of the tales you read.

Since my site and blog are both in their infancy, my posting schedule is currently limited to weekdays. Mondays are reserved for motivational posts to encourage and inspire. I hope the messages included in these posts can be applied in aspects of life above and beyond writing. Tuesday through Thursday will each cover one part of the week’s mini series, where I’ll investigate different aspects of the writing life or techniques. Fridays are where I’ll post updates of my current works, as well as any shenanigans tied to my writing life. My aim is to keep all posts concise and informative and, as always, I’d love to interact with my readers in the comments.

If you’re wanting a more direct and casual way to communicate with me or receive (sometimes) daily updates on my series, you can find me on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.

My characters and I are also active on Pinterest.

For a blog experience that’s more laid back and geared toward the progress and musings that go along with writing The Afflicted Saga, you can also check out my Tumblr. Many of my Friday posts will likely be cross posted from the goings on over there.

Plans are currently in the works for a YouTube channel, as well as a Wattpad story, both of which I will keep you posted about.

Anyway! That’s a brief run down of my current modes of communication. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, and keep faith in the journey.



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