Where’ve You Been, Kat?!

So… I seemed to have fallen off the face of the Earth for a bit. Sorry about that.

After a slew of real life happenings and the tension that went with putting the final bit of polish on Devotion, my blog unfortunately took a temporary back seat. What have I been up to the past couple days, you ask?

I’ve been formatting!

Want Kat’s Quick Guide to Formatting Your Novel?

Here goes…

Open your document, all starry eyed and excited. Enter your title and name and copyright information… sort out your heartfelt dedications and acknowledgements… then (trust me on this one) cry. A little. Or a lot. I can’t judge. Cry to your friends. Cry to your colleagues. Cry to the lady at the grocery store. Formatting, if it’s your first time doing it (heck, it may be the same every time… I haven’t made it that far yet!), is terribly frustrating. And you can’t get your quotation marks right. And your tabs are inconsistent. And your margins aren’t right.

Pretty much, my best formatting advice if you’ve never formatted before: Get yourself a template and practice with it well before you have a deadline to meet. Get to know how things work and what you’ll likely have to fix along the way. I’ve got no doubt it’ll all work out in the end but my goodness! Reaching that end is a feat!

The good news is, cover art is done. A portion of my promo art is done. Edits are all applied and I’ve carefully vetted a select sneak peak of Deception, book two of the Tale of the Fallen series. The ebook of Devotion is still on schedule for an April 1st release and if the paperback is not released at the same time, it will be soon after.

Keep faith in the journey, my friends! I’ve been needing to tell myself that a lot these past few days!



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