Almost Back in Action!

Hey folks!

Yes, I’ve been quiet. Again. If there’s one great big thing getting Devotion ready for publication has taught me, it’s that you always want to make sure you schedule ample time for each step along the way.

In my previous post, I mentioned how soul-sucking and evil formatting is. To better convey this fact, it took me until Sunday to get my files just right and approved by CreateSpace for my proof to be sent to me. It should be here Wednesday (I promise there will be a post when that happens) and my fingers are firmly crossed that I won’t have to fix anything. If the proof shows Devotion’s paperback is good to go, it will be released on April 1st alongside the ebook.

Ebook formatting was a trip, as well. I was assured that it was so much easier than paperback, but even with the help of two professional level formatters and a government agency (long story), I couldn’t make one single page behave when viewing the preview of the file. I ended up needing to do some minor rearranging, but everything should be shiny and good to go on that front!

What I’m taking a whole lot of words (204, according to WordPress) to say is that writing was the easy part. I’ve had to take the past couple days off to decompress and in that time, figured it’d be well worth my while and the responsible thing to do to schedule out the final phases of Tale of the Fallen: Book II, Deception. Here is the goal I’m boldly declaring to all you lovely readers:

I will have Deception’s revision done by the end of this week (March 25th).

Per my usual procedure, I’m going to let it sit for two weeks to let all of the events settle in my mind.

Starting April 8th, I will edit, and I’m aiming to have it in the hands of my betas and my cover artist by mid May at the latest. This will allow me to have it back toward the end of June, then on to my editor sometime in early July. My hope is to have it back by the first week in August so I can put on the last polish and finalize my formatting.

I am not willing to make anything preorder official quiet yet, but I have my sights set on a September 1st, 2016 release date for Deception.

Stating it publicly makes things feel so much more official!

Thank you, all of you, for your patience with me. Keep faith in the journey!


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